12th International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East, Bologna 14-18 April 2020


                  SECOND CIRCULAR

The Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna is proud to convene the 12th ICAANE from 14th to 18th April 2020. We look forward to hosting you in a multidisciplinary environment pursuing interconnections (geographical and chronological as well) and inclusivity at all levels: the congress themes (for which see the First Circular) have been selected in an attempt at representing the current breadth and urgency of global challenges and research perspectives.

The Organizing Committee invites all scholars working on subjects relating to Near Eastern Archaeology (from Central Asia to the Eastern Mediterranean) to participate in the 12th International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East (12th ICAANE). The participation of students and of colleagues from the Near East is especially encouraged. A Third Circular will be sent early in 2020 with the program and other practical details. Our e-mail contact address is 12icaane@unibo.it.


General information. The congress will start on Tuesday morning 14th April 2020 (plenary session) and will last until the morning of Saturday 18th April. Sessions and workshops will span the whole day (9 am-1 pm, 2 pm-6 pm), with a half day reserved to the presentations of invited Directors General of Antiquities.

Sessions and workshops will terminate earlier on Friday 17th at 3.30 pm, since the second part of the afternoon will be dedicated to the poster session until 6.30 pm. The winner for the 12th ICAANE Best Poster will be proclaimed at the gala dinner scheduled in the same evening.


Papers and posters submission. Submission for papers and posters will only be possible until July 31st 2019 (11.59 pm CET) through the Online Form. Required information includes name and affiliation of the lead author, the name of eventual additional authors, the abstract (between 400 and 1000 characters).

All papers and posters must follow the UNESCO convention of 1970.

Important notice: after Submission, authors will receive a formal notice about the preliminary acceptance of their paper by the 12th ICAANE Committee. However, only after successfully completing the Registration procedure, their paper/poster will reach the “Confirmed” status. We encourage colleagues to submit and, upon acceptance, register as early as possible and not wait the nearing of the deadline, notifications of acceptance will be sent all along while the submission process is open.

Guidelines for papers:

1. Speakers are not allowed to present more than one paper as lead author;

2. Results from excavation or survey projects must be presented through a single excavation report; however, additional special studies about sites and the evidence collected therein may be presented in the other Themes.

3. Each paper will be allotted a maximum of 30 mins. (strictly 20 mins. for presentation and 10 mins. for discussion);

4. Speakers must prepare their presentation in ppt or pdf format on a USB flash drive. Presentations will be uploaded to a computer in the scheduled room prior to the beginning of the session/workshop. Different presentation systems such as Keynote or Prezi must be saved in advance into ppt or pdf formats or supplied one day before as a web link in the case of Prezi.

Guidelines for posters:

1. Participants are allowed to present up to two posters;

2. The poster must be drafted in A0 format (1189x841 mm);

3. Posters can be put on display from Tuesday noon onwards in the main venue of the Congress in via B. Andreatta 8;

The official language of the Congress is English. However, following ICAANE tradition, French, German, Spanish and Italian are also accepted.


Workshops. The Organizing Committee of the 12th ICAANE welcomes the proposal of workshops by congress participants. Proposals will be accepted after evaluation by the 12th ICAANE Scientific Advisory Board.

Themes: We strongly encourage the proposal of workshops that adhere to the congress themes 2-8 (not including the Reports). Workshops falling into this category will be recognizable as such, will have presenters’ papers kept together and their relevant session(s) will be chaired by the workshop organizers.

Proposals dealing with themes other than the official ones will be organized as separate sessions, as program space permits. Further, we cannot at present guarantee the publication of workshops falling outside the official themes.

Presenters and Papers: Proposals must include the names of at least 6 presenters, with a maximum of 12 presenters for each workshop. Each paper should not exceed 30 mins (20 mins. for the presentation, and 10 mins. for discussion).

Duration: Workshops must not last more than one day.

Documents for Submission: Proposals for workshops should be submitted to the organizers including a description of the workshop topic and aims (1000 characters min, 1500 max) and the titles and abstracts of at least 6 presenters.

Deadline for Submission of Workshop Proposals: June 15th 2019.

Confirmation of Workshops: Preliminarily accepted workshops will be communicated to the workshop organizers by latest July 15th 2019. All workshop presenters will be required to submit individually their paper through the Online Form by July 31st 2019 (11.59 pm CET) and then register individually by September 15th, 2019, before a workshop may be officially confirmed in the Program. Workshop organizers will be responsible for communicating these requirements to their participating presenters. Early submission and, upon acceptance, successive individual submissions and registrations are advisable to secure final confirmation within the Program.


Registration. The registration fee entitles to a personal badge, Congress materials, attendance to all the sessions and workshops, all the coffee breaks, the Tuesday evening welcome cocktail and the Friday evening gala dinner. A special student-organized event is anticipated on Thursday evening, which will require a separate, modest contribution on the spot. Unless payment is processed before September 15th 2019, preliminarily approved papers/posters will not be included in the official congress program.

- Academic researchers, professors and independent scholars will pay a registration fee of 220 €, rising to 280 € after September 15th 2019.

- Students (enrolled BA, MA and PhD candidates) will pay a reduced fee of 80 €, rising to 120 € after September 15th 2019. Proof of university enrollment will be required at registration.

- Accompanying persons will pay a fee of 70 €, rising to 100 € after September 15th 2019. This fee will only cover admission to the plenary session and the two evening social events.






until September 15th 2019




after September 16th 2019





Positions as post-doc grantees, independent scholars, faculty staff etc. fall into the Regular category. Students are considered all those regularly enrolled in Universities at undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels, including doctoral candidates and master courses participants. Proof of enrollment must be sent to 12icapay@fondazionealmamater.it: a signed self-declaration – downloadable Here – and copies of a personal ID and an institutional badge or other official document.

People accompanying registered participants may pay a special fee to attend the two social events (Tuesday and Friday evenings) as well as the plenary session. Note, however, that that they will not be allowed into the rest of the congress and at its coffee breaks.

Payment will be possible by credit card or bank transfer via a dedicated Web Page for Payment of our technical partner FAM – Fondazione Alma Mater (correspondence on administrative issues must be addressed to 12icapay@fondazionealmamater.it). FAM will also provide assistance for obtaining visas by sending invitation letters to registered participants.

NOTE: In order to overcome the financial obstacles which hinder sending money abroad from Iran, colleagues from this country will be able to pay their fee in IRR on the account of the Joint Research Base for Studies on Cultural Heritage of Shiraz University and ISMEO (MIUR Project “Studi e ricerche sulle culture dell'Asia e dell'Africa”), which will then transfer the fees to the 12th ICAANE Organization. Colleagues from Iran may refer to info@ismeo.eu for all the details. The same deadlines apply as for all the other participants.


Accommodation. We advise participants to book their accommodations well in advance. Our technical partner Bologna Welcome is ready to assist participants with special tariffs and any practical information they may need. International students will be eligible for special fares in dedicated residencies. Transport services at discounted rates for participants are available (even from airports in case of international flights arriving in Rome or Milan). The contact email is agenzia@bolognawelcome.it. More details about the hotel and hostel hospitality packages, transport service discounts and tourist services will soon be provided on an area dedicated to the 12ICAANE on the Bologna Welcome website.


We are looking forward to welcoming you in Bologna for a full week of stimulating scientific and cultural exchange (and gastronomic pleasure!). In the meantime, together with our Congress Partners, we wish you a Peaceful and Successful 2019.


12th ICAANE Organizing Committee

Pierfrancesco Callieri

Maurizio Cattani

Enrico Cirelli

Antonio Curci

Anna Chiara Fariselli

Elisabetta Govi

Mattia Guidetti

Gianni Marchesi

Nicolò Marchetti (Chair)

Adriano V. Rossi

Marco Zecchi


12th ICAANE Scientific Advisory Board

Pascal Butterlin – University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

Peter Fischer – University of Gothenburg

Tim Harrison – University of Toronto

Nicolò Marchetti – Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna

Wendy Matthews – University of Reading

Adelheid Otto – Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich

Glenn Schwartz – Johns Hopkins University

Ingolf Thuesen – University of Copenhagen


12th ICAANE Unibo Executive Team

Michael Campeggi

Vittoria Cardini

Marzia Cavriani  

Silvia Di Cristina

Claudia D'Orazio  

Valentina Gallerani

Gabriele Giacosa  

Elena Maini

Simone Mantellini  

Eleonora Mariani

Jacopo Monastero  

Chiara Mattioli

Giulia Roberto  

Marco Valeri

Federico Zaina



ICAANE International Committee

Pascal Butterlin – University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

Bleda Düring – University of Leiden

Marian Feldman – Johns Hopkins University

Karin Kopetzky – OREA, Austrian Academy of Sciences

Wendy Matthews – University of Reading

Adelheid Otto – Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität

Frances Pinnock – Sapienza University of Rome (Secretary General)

Ingolf Thuesen – University of Copenhagen (Chair)

Cristina Tonghini – Ca' Foscari University of Venice

Honorary Members:

Manfred Bietak – Austrian Academy of Sciences

Hartmut Kühne – Free University of Berlin

Jean-Claude Margueron – École Pratique des Hautes Études

Paolo Matthiae – Sapienza University of Rome

Diederik Meijer – University of Leiden

Alan Walmsley – University of Copenhagen

Irene Winter – Harvard University