DISTAL Excellent Department: Mid-Term Project Meeting

DISTAL Event: The Nexus Approach for Sustainability in Agriculture, Food, Energy and Water


The Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences (DISTAL) has been awarded among the Italian Departments of Excellence. It received an extraordinary funding from the Ministry of Education and the University of 8.7 Million Euros for a five-year development project. The project objectives along, the five-year period 2018-2022, is to promote the Department as an international excellence for educational and research activities in sustainable agriculture exploring strategies for the sustainable management of natural resources and the impacts on water, food and energy, according to circular economy principles. Main goal of the project is the establishment and development of the Nexus Integrated Lab (NIL), an innovative, interdisciplinary laboratory that will allow DISTAL researchers to tackle the Nexus' issues of strengthening competences and research infrastructures on such topics. The heart of the NIL is represented by the Research and Education Lab (R&ELab), a network of infrastructures, laboratories and courses in different areas of research and teaching at DISTAL.


The project is based on the following strategic and operational :

  • Recruitment of teaching staff and researcher outside the University in strategic scientific areas for the development of the department in the field of Nexus issues; 
  • Strengthening of the Department's research doctorate with the creation of a new topic focused on the Nexus and the recruitment of doctoral students in this area; 
  • Technical staff recruitment to support the research activities foreseen in the Project;
  • Investment in infrastructure, research laboratories and related tools for the development of the R&ELab;
  • Development of second and third level teaching activities on strategic issues of the Nexus and enhancing the best graduate students; 
  • Awarding for professors and technical-administrative staff linked to the quality of publications and the ability to attract financing; 
  • Increased quality and quantity of scientific publications on which departmental evaluations depend; Increase in success rates in the financing of competitive research projects; 
  • Creation of new synergies and collaborations with foreign research institutions; Strengthening of international mobility to and from the Department. 
  • Improvement of the Department's positioning in international rankings.

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

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