Best Industry Paper Award

The National Organizing Committee and the International Program Committee of the 15th European Workshop on Advanced Control and Diagnosis (ACD 2019), with the sponsorship of Confindustria Emilia Romagna Ricerca, have decided to recognize with a "Best Industry Paper Award" a high-profile contribution to the topic

“Techniques and Technologies Empowering Industry 4.0”

Several exciting techniques and technologies are likely to have an effective impact on manufacturing in the coming years. Some will enable to achieve the objectives of the forth industrial revolution, others could fundamentally impact upon the way products are discovered, developed, designed and delivered. Choosing the right technologies to use is no simple task, especially when the safety critical nature of many processes has to be considered. Engineers play a key part in selecting which techniques and technologies will find their way into modern factories. It is clear that there is more to applying a new technique than simply buying the latest technology. These techniques must be repeatable, reliable and robust. Moreover, technology must not be used for its own sake, but it needs to add value for modern factories.

ELIGIBILITY: All accepted papers addressing the issues specified in the abstract presented above are eligible.

AWARD: The award is worth 500 EURO kindly provided by  Confindustria Emilia Romagna Ricerca. 

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: The corresponding author of the accepted paper should send a signed application letter to the International Program Committee Chair Prof. Silvio Simani (, with copy to the National Organizing Committee Chair Dr. Elena Zattoni (, and to the National Organizing Committee Vice-Chair for Industry Dr. Danilo Mascolo ( with a statement indicating the relevance of work to the topic and how the work advances the state of the art.

SELECTION CRITERIA: Pre-selection of papers will be based on the reviewers’ reports of the manuscript. After pre-selection, the IPC Chair, the NOC Chair and the NOC Vice-Chair for Industry will form a short list of candidate papers. Then, the corresponding authors will be contacted to announce the pre-selection results. IPC members attending the workshop will be asked to anonymously fill out an evaluation form, which will then be evaluated to determine the awardee.

CEREMONY: The awardee will be announced during the social dinner, on November 21, 2019.


Best Industry Paper Application Opens: September 15, 2019.

Best Industry Paper Application Closes: October 15, 2019


Silvio Simani (IPC Chair)

Elena Zattoni (NOC Chair)

Danilo Mascolo (NOC Vice-Chair for Industry)