Audience registration

Face-to-face live event registrations

To ensure everyone's safety, we would like to restrict the number of participants that will attend the various sessions according to the classroom's capacities. It should be noted that classes have a limited number of seats and will fill to capacity.

Participants who are not organizers, speakers, keynotes, chairs, book presenters, or discussants, and who are therefore members of the audience (face-to-face), should register at the following link:


You will be able to register on-site depending on the remaining capacity of the classrooms. Face-to-face registration will enable you to join every session during the conference, excluding the writing/publication laboratory.



Online registrations

As an online audience member, you may register for the following events:

- Welcome notes and first keynote address: Mark Maguire, "Defund Security: Counterterrorism and Security Capitalism".



Books presentations: Deniz Yonucu (author): "Police, Provocation, Politics: Counterinsurgency in Istanbul". Cornell University Press, 2022; Clara Rigoni (author): "Honour-Based Violence and Forced Marriages: Community and Restorative Practices in Europe", Routledge, 2022; Lucia Michelutti (author): "Mafia Raj. The rule of bosses in South Asia", Stanford University Press, 2019.



- Second keynote address: Dennis Rodgers, "Delinquent ethnography? 25 years of gang research in Nicaragua and elsewhere", and Concluding remarks.



After the registration, you will be able to receive a link and join through Zoom.