Aperitivo con il Manager with Dr. Lucio Cavazzoni from Good-Land Srl - 19 November 2019

The second event will be with Dr. Lucio Cavazzoni, Co-Founder and President of Good Land and former Chairman of Alce Nero, who will deliver a lecture 

“Environmental awareness is economy. Stakeholders are shareholders. Action is the tool to regenerate and fight social and environmental degradation".

The class will be held next 19th November, at 15, at the School of Economics and Management, Piazza Scaravilli 2, Room 31.


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Dr. Lucio Cavazzoni - Co-founder and Chairman of Good-Land Srl 


"The new for-profit business is needed, as its passage from a consuming process to a partipating process. Apart from sustainability, its positive result (social and environmental) towards the origin and landing place are inevitable.

It requires a refreshing and not conservative way of thinking about alliance and equality with the planet and its inhabitants.
The rest is only degeneration of the system"



Lucio Cavazzoni, born in 1956, graduated in Sociology and Political Science at the University of Bologna, started being an apiculturist 1978. 
Co-founder of Coop Apistica Valle dell’Idice and Conapi, and their chairman unitl 2008. 
Starting from 1999, he is first CEO and then Chairman of Alce Nero, an enterprise of organic farmers, apiculturists and fairtrade producers.

Among the enterprises and cooperatives that he contributed to create, are: Libera Terra Mediterraneo, Coop Sin Fronteras, Mediterre.bio.

He leaves Alce Nero in May 2018.

From 2019 he is Co-founder and Chairman of Goodland.