How do I login to the app?

I am using MS Teams for the first time

After downloading it, launch the app and enter the UNIBO credentials ( you got when you registered for the event.

I have already used MS Teams at my University or in other activities

The app may open automatically using your personal profile: you will have to log out and log in again using the Unibo account. 

How do I switch from a personal profile to a Unibo account (

From a PC

  1. Click on the icon with your name or image and then click on the “Log Out” button
  2. Log in again using the credentials provided when you registered


From a tablet or smartphone:

  1. Log in to the Teams app and tap on the top left corner
  2. Tap Settings 
  3. Select the last option, i.e. “Log Out”, to log out of your school account
  4. Confirm “Log Out”
  5. Reopen the Teams app and select “Log in with another account”
  6. Enter the credentials provided when you registered



Once you have logged in, you will be able to change your profile (Unibo, another University, or other account) by simply selecting the desired account from the drop-down menu next to the icon with your name or image.