Workshop Topics

Potential topics and related research questions include, but are not limited to, the following:

Entrepreneurial mindset. What is an entrepreneurial mindset and how to develop it? How does it relate to other concepts in entrepreneurship (such as entrepreneurial orientation, entrepreneurial self-efficacy, and entrepreneurial intentions)? How can entrepreneurship education contribute to igniting an entrepreneurial mindset? What would a high-quality research design aimed at studying entrepreneurial mindset look like?

Entrepreneurial education and training. What theoretical contributions can entrepreneurial education research provide? How can we get a wider audience of entrepreneurship and management scholars interested in issues related to entrepreneurship education? How can research about entrepreneurship education gain legitimacy from mainstream entrepreneurship, management, education, or psychology research? 

Entrepreneurial skills. How to equip would-be entrepreneurs with the right entrepreneurial skills? What kind of competencies should they nurture? How do they learn, as individuals and/or in a team? 

Policy intervention to foster entrepreneurship. What is the effect of different types of interventions on individuals and organisations? How can the entrepreneurial ecosystem be conducive for entrepreneurial skills and mindsets? How to account for broader outcomes from entrepreneurship, such as wellbeing or sustainability?