Virginie Douglas

ERIAC, Université de Rouen, Institut International Charles Perrault - France

Virginie Douglas is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of English Studies at the University of Rouen, France. She is Secretary of the Institut International Charles Perrault and specializes in British children’s literature and the questions of theory, narration and translation related to children’s books. She is the editor of Perspectives contemporaines du roman pour la jeunesse (2001), Littérature de jeunesse et diversité culturelle (2013), La Retraduction en littérature de jeunesse/Retranslating Children’s Literature (with Florence Cabaret, 2014) and État des lieux de la traduction pour la jeunesse (2015).

Translating–or failing to translate–the musicality and cultural interbreeding of teenage voices from English to Frenchin Benjamin Zephaniah’s and Alex Wheatle’s young adult novels