B.J. Epstein

B.J. Epstein

Senior Lecturer at the University of East Anglia

B.J. Epstein is a senior lecturer in literature and public engagement at the University of East Anglia in England. She is also a writer, an editor, and a Swedish-to-English translator. She is the author of Are the Kids All Right? The Representation of LGBTQ Characters in Children’s and Young Adult Literature; Translating Expressive Language in Children’s Literature; and Ready, Set, Teach!; the editor of two books on translation in the Nordic countries and a forthcoming book on queer and/in translation; and the translator or writer of many other essays, articles, short stories, and other texts.

B.J. can be reached through www.awaywithwords.se.  


Important publications:

  • Epstein, B. (2013) Are the Kids All Right? Representations of LGBTQ Characters in Children's and Young Adult Literature. Bristol: Hammeron Press.
  • Epstein, B. (2012) Translating Expressive Language in Children's Literature: Problems and Solutions. Bern: Peter Lang.
  • Epstein, B. (2010) “Manipulating the Next Generation: Translating Culture for Children”. Papers: Explorations into Children's Literature 20. pp. 41-76.
  • Epstein, B. “The Case of the Missing Bisexuals”: Bisexuality in Books for Young Readers”. Journal Of Bisexuality Vol. 14 , Iss. 1,2014.


KEYNOTE SPEECH: "Translating Queer Children’s Literature"