The Department of Arts of the University of Bologna is proud to announce the conference

"CREATIVE KOREA: Exploring Contemporary Korean Cultural Industries and Cultural Production".

In recent years, Korean cultural industries have established themselves as among the most dynamic and successful at the global level, both artistically and commercially. Supported by a series of worldwide successes, the Korean Wave has become one key example of non-Western cultural production that was able to engage global audiences, to influence the way in which they consume pop culture and to adapt to the transformative changes brought by new social and digital media technologies. 

The conference will focus on exploring the different aspects of contemporary Korean cultural production, with an inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary perspective, including the many different sectors that compose the Korean Wave: Film and TV Production; Music; Performing Arts; Visual Art; Comics, Graphic novels and Webtoons; Animation; Videogames and E-Sports; Fashion and Food.

The aim of the conference is to analyze the multiple factors that have made this growth possible, the specific characteristics of cultural industries and cultural production in Korea, the different influences that shaped this production, the socio-political and economic effects and impact of the spread of Korean cultural products both inside and outside Korea.


CONFERENCE DATES: 4 and 5 May 2023

Call for Paper and Panel Proposals - Download .pdf file