Decommissioning of offshore Oil&Gas installations is a worldwide issue, since depleted oil fields are present in several very different geographical areas as the Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea and the Adriatic Sea.

Technical problems concerning the safe plugging and abandonment of the offshore wells, as well as the huge cost associated to removal and clean-up of offshore assets are a concern for oil companies and local communities. However, in coherence with the principles of circular economy, offshore installations should rather be considered a valuable asset for which alternatives for reuse should be considered before removal and/or disposal. A number of technological alternatives are currently under development for the reuse of the offshore structures, also in the framework of the Blue Growth initiatives promoted by the EU: from well-known rig-to-reef initiatives to integration in renewable energy production strategies or in offshore hybrid generation systems.

The school aims at providing the fundamentals needed to understand the general framework of decommissioning, and at introducing cost-effective and sustainable solutions for the reuse and the valorization of the existing offshore assets. The program mainly addresses the needs of master and Ph.D. students and young professionals aiming at developing new knowledge to cope with decommissioning programs and opportunities.

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Ravenna Campus-University of Bologna

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Fondazione Flaminia

AIDIC (Associazione Italiana di Ingegneria Chimica)

AIOM (Associazione Italiana di Ingegneria Offshore e Marina)

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Renata Archetti

Valerio Cozzani

Elena Fabbri

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