EARIE annual conference 

The EARIE Annual Conference provides a yearly platform for delegates and members to present and discuss the latest research in Industrial Economics. The conference attracts more than 400 participants each year from Europe and other parts of the world.

Young Economists' Essay Awards

The EARIE Young Economists' Essay Awards (YEEAs) are intended to encourage young researchers to participate in the EARIE Conference. The awards are aimed at exceptionally innovative and high-level papers written by researchers who: (a) are under the age of 35 and (b) have completed their PhD less than 5 years ago. For papers with multiple authors, each author should satisfy both criteria (a) and (b). Each year, the YEEA for the paper that makes the most significant policy contribution is dedicated to the late Paul Geroski (As of 2013, Elsevier has kindly sponsored the YEEA monetary prizes, for which EARIE is very grateful.)


Bologna is the capital and largest city of its region, Emilia Romagna. Its foundation dates back to the VI century BC, when it was the Etruscan city of Felsina, to become Bononia in the Roman age. It has a large and very well preserved medieval centre, full of towers and porticoes. It hosts the oldest university in the western world, officially dating back to 1088, and its population is inflated by a large number of students largely contributing to the town’s flavour and lifestyle.


  • Leslie Marx (Scientific Committee Chair)
  • Luca Lambertini (Local Organizing Committee Chair)
  • Flavio Delbono (EARIE 2020 LOC)
  • Vincenzo Denicolò (EARIE 2020 LOC)
  • Giulio Ecchia (EARIE 2020 LOC)
  • Enrico Santarelli (EARIE 2020 LOC)