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The easiest way to travel to Forlì is flying to the Bologna airport (BLQ). It is a small airport, but there are many cities with direct flights to Bologna, including Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Bucharest, Cologne, Copenhagen, Dubai, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Krakow, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Moscow, Munich, Paris, Prague and Vienna. Check a few of these airlines to learn about direct or connecting flights from home: AeroflotAir DolomitiAir FranceAustrian AirlinesBritish AirwaysEmiratesIberiaKLMLufthansaRyanairSASTurkish Airlines, and Vueling. Download a map of the airport


If you need to stay overnight near the airport, these are some of the hotels with breakfast, wi-fi and airport shuttle: Airport B&BCDH Bologna HotelFlyOn Hotel, and Hotel Bologna Airport.

If you do not need to stay overnight, then your next step is reaching the train station with the bus.

Aerobus is a shuttle service connecting Bologna Airport through the city center to the railway station. It runs every 11 minutes and the ride is 25-30 minute long. You may purchase tickets for the Aerobus at the tourist information office, Bologna Welcome, in the ground floor, or in a few credit card vending machines at the exit next to the Aerobus bus stop. The fare is €5.

In 2021 the Marconi Express was put into service. It is a people mover that connects Bologna airport with the city's railway station (Bologna Centrale). The ride takes about 7 minutes and the round-trip ticket costs €18. At peak times, a train departs every 7 minutes. Tickets can be purchased directly at the airport station, an annex to the main building of the terminal.

Once you are in the train station, you need to find the right train. There is more than one train company in Italy. The one operating the line of Forlì is Trenitalia. Forlì is not an end station, but rather a stop along the way southward to cities such as Rimini, Ancona, Pescara, Bari and Lecce.

Regular (slower) trains, regionale or regionale veloce, take 50-60 minutes, and cost €6.

Faster (Intercity) and the fastest trains (Frecciarossa and Frecciargento) take about 30-25 minutes and cost €10 and €18, respectively.

forlì train station


The following is a list of recommended lodging options in Forlì and their distance from Campus: