The international conference «Islam and the Mediterranean  in Modern Times» aims to analyze the complexity of the relations between Islam and the western civilization in a historical perspective.

The time span to be analyzed goes from the end of 18th century until the contemporary age.
The international conference will be scheduled in three sessions: 1. Islam and the Encounter with the Western Civilization. - 2. Islam, Colonialism, Decolonization. - 3. Islam and the Mediterranean today.

The result of the international conference will be a contribution to the interpretation of the controversial encounter of Islam with the Western Civilization during modern times, in particular in the fields of law, philosophy and religion.
In addition, the age of colonialism in the 19th century will be analyzed with the aim of interpreting the questions of  assimilations and mutual influences between Islam and the western world at the institutional, legal and cultural levels.
A fundamental result will also be the criticism against the Euro-Mediterranean relations in order to point out the necessity of overcoming the conditionality principle that has always characterized the European attitude toward the Arab Muslim peoples and introducing the perspective of an interdependency that allows the creation of a Mediterranean space of mutual acknowledgment among all the peoples living in  this area.