Intensive one week training in social innovation, where students will learn to how to create solutions with social impact and validate them through prototypes.

The course will start with a Hackathon of 10 hours with the presentation of some concrete problems that our community has today. Students will then be taought tools and concepts of social creativity to put into practice.

The course will continue with classes of 3 hours daily, where the key to develop a prototype and testing experience will be taught. The classes will be very MAKER, as they will always have a theoretical part and then another practical part where the students will work on their projects.

The workshop is carried out entirely in English. Therefore, a minimum level of B2 is required for participation

Thanks to the financial contribution of MIUR - Dipartimenti di Eccellenza (L. 232 del 01/12/2016)

Supported by Department of Management - DiSA and Department of Classical Philology and Italian Studies - FICLIT

In collaboration with Yunus Social Business Centre - University of BolognaIn collaboration with Yunus Social Business Centre - University of Bologna

Program & Calendar

Sartuday 14/12/19 from 9h to 19h


Monday 16/12/19 from 14h to 18h

Theory: Prototype ideas with Lean Startup and Design Thinking.Practice: Creation of hypothesis map and ideation of prototypes and testing.

Tuesday 17/12/19 from 14h to 18h

Theory: Prototyping techniques with the machines and tools of the Prototyping Laboratory of the University of Bologna.

Practice: Construction of prototypes.

Wednesday 18/12/19 from 14h to 18h

Theory: Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production of Testing.
Practice: Pre-Production of the testing experience.

Thursday 19/12/19 from 14h to 18h

Practice 1: Testing prototypes with real users.
Practice 2: Learning analysis of the tests carried out.

Friday 20/12/19 from 14h to 19h

Practice: Creating presentations
Final presentation: Final presentation of the projects to the innovative and social ecosystem.