The aim of the assignment is to

  • let students’ get acquainted with the huge complexity behind this epochal course of events
  • help students to structure their knowledge about this complexity
  • make them understand actors’ unilateral logic and how these might be partial
  • experience the challenge of developing multilateral and institutional cooperation

Students will work in team: 4 teams made of about 7 members each. Each team is assigned a specific institutional role. It will be either a “Local Government” or an “NGO”. Moreover each team will face a specific health priority related to a vulnerable population of migrants. There are two priorities: “transmissible diseases & prevention among undocumented migrants” and “mental health issues among refugees and asylum seekers”.

The assignment is developed in 2 steps:

  • Step 1: Position Paper by TEAM
  • Step 2: Memorandum of Understanding by CONSORTIA

Step 1: Position paper by TEAM

Each team is to draft a 2 pages “position paper” on the assigned health priority. Each team should take a “unilateral” perspective as for NGO or Local Government and draft its position paper according to the following general structure:

  1. Preamble
  2. Decalogue

The two parts should be of equal length.

The Preamble should contain:

  • a description of the general challenges raised by the assigned priority;
  • a reflection about constraints affecting actions of the organization;
  • a clear statement about organization’s goals and logic.


The Decalogue should inspire good practices to deal with the assigned priority. Please state the Decalogue of your organization on the specific priority assigned to your team. It should come as a list of 5 “must do’s” and 3 “never do’s”. Each of them should be explained and motivated at your best relying upon your expertise, background material, available evidence in the literature. Reading material is provided to accomplish with this task.

Please provide to read it before the Summer School. We would also recommend to draft a preliminary version of your Position Paper before coming to Bologna and finalize it there. In this way you will have the opportunity to take advantage of speakers’ presentation and coaching sessions at the Summer School. The Position Paper must be uploaded in the dedicated webpage. The Position Paper is due by Thursday June 15th. Be aware that you will be asked to give a 10 minutes presentation on Friday 16th summarizing your TEAM work.

Step 2: Memorandum of Understanding by CONSORTIA

Consortia will be sorted as made of 2 teams interacting to draft a proposal for joint action in the specific health priority addressed in the first step. No more reading is needed at this step as interaction and coordination will be the key at this point. More details to frame this exercise will be provided on Tuesday June 13th, at the Summer School.