The NEOH Final Conference organizes an exhibition of posters on the proposed themes:

-       The policy cycle and the evaluation of One Health and EcoHealth initiatives;

-       Knowledge integration and governance of One Health and EcoHealth;

-       Examples of One Health implementation at the institutional level: needs, barriers and success factors;

-       Collaboration between science and practice: a continuous interdisciplinary and intersectoral process.

Posters will be accepted in electronic format only and will be projected as slides on wall screens nearby the conference hall (it is not possible to show paper posters).

Posters should be submitted in both PPT and PDF formats. Appropriate size for PPT poster slides is 120 cm high x 80 cm wide. Posters’ figures and characters should be clearly readable for a viewing distance of at least 3 meters from a wall screen (e.g., for characters we suggest a minimum size of 60 pt). Each poster should distinctly indicate: title and authors with the respective affiliations.

To submit a poster, fill in the poster submission form and send it by e-mail with the PPT and PDF files of your poster to . The deadline for poster presentation is 31 July 2018; acceptance will be communicated by 7 August 2018.

After the conference, the selected posters will be published on the NEOH website.


Poster submission form

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