A two days symposium on "Open Science" is organized in honor of Prof Roberto Bolzani's retirement and wants to gather leading experts on two major topics.

 The 30th of September the discussion will be on Open Statistics, dealing with the most controversial issues that currently characterize scientific research : the replication crisis, the old controversy between Fisherian and Bayesian statistical approaches, and the growing importance of data science education. Discussing the limitations and the strengths of current statistical approaches can be the key to open statistical thinking not only to the scientific community, but also to a wider audience, and promote a truly “open statistics”.

immagine di occhi in movimento

The 1st of October the topic will be Open your Eyes! dealing with the methods of analysis of eye movements by facing different theoretical approaches: clinical, psychological and mathematical. The opportunity to share updates on eye movements research with different perspectives will offer participants the chance to improve their knowledge and to inspire new research networks in eye movements research field.



Prof. Roberto Bolzani's photo

Roberto Bolzani, Professor of Psychometrics, in the last 40 years has contributed dissemination of scientific thought by teaching Statistics to Medical and Psychology students at Universities of Modena and Bologna.

In collaboration with Karolinska Institutet, he devoted his research interests to the the study of methods of analysis of eye movements in healthy and clinical populations.





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