The new web site of Rimini Campus devoted to guide graduating and new graduates (less than 18 months) in the job search.

Laboratories, Seminars and workshop to facilitate the approach to the job world.

You can find in these pages the scheduled activities by Rimini Campus: some are recurring during the year, some are only one.

Recurring Laboratories: about job active research, job interview, creation of a effective curriculum vitae, strategies of job research through web and social network, furthermore the laboratories "Design You Way" to plan your occupational path and "W-In-Lab", job interview simulations.

Moreover, occasionally, will be held laboratories about specific topics.

Every year, Rimini Campus organize meeting with companies: Job Meeting, Company's presentation, and the event Lavoro in Corso.

The above-mentioned services and activities are devoted to the last year students enrolled in first level degree (L), second level degree (LM and LMCU) and the graduates less than 18 months.