Department of Political and Social Sciences – University of Bologna | Palazzo Hercolani - Strada Maggiore 45, Bologna

5-7 September 2018

The Fifth Conference of ASAI analyses, first of all, the ‘Africas’, that is, the plurality of the phenomena composing the wealth of the African continent or determining its deep asymmetries. This means also to look at the collocation of the continent and its populations in the international social and political dynamics, making Africa a privileged point of observation to study the most important processes of ‘the global’ too. Secondly, the Conference intends to overcome the vision that deprives the ‘voice’ and the ‘agency’ of the Africans of their fundamental relationship with the political-economic forces and with the social processes that move through the continent.


Scientific Committee

Flavia Aiello, Francesco Correale, Francesca Declich, Amalia Dragani, Rosario Giordano, Giuseppe Maimone, Cecilia Pennacini, Maria Stella Rognoni, Irma Taddia, Corrado Tornimbeni, Mauro Tosco, Pierluigi Valsecchi, Mario Zamponi


Conference Committee 

Luca Jourdan, Karin Pallaver, Arrigo Pallotti, Raffaello Petti, Bruno Riccio, Corrado Tornimbeni



Domenico Cristofaro, Alessandro De Cola, Raffaello Petti, Claudio Sessa


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