We are leaders in the Italian market for personal hygiene absorbent products.

Founded in Pescara in 1958 by the Angelini’s family, since 1992 Fater is an equal share joint venture between the Angelini Group and Procter&Gamble.

For more than 50 years Fater has presence in Italian homes through its products: Pampers diapers and wipes, LINES sanitary pads, TAMPAX tampons and LINIDOR and DIGNITY incontinence products.

Since 2013, Fater acquired the ACE brand (bleach and house cleaning products), expanding its line of brands.

Today, Fater is an international company operating with the brands ACENeoblanc and COMET in Western Europe, Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.

A rare example of successful joint venture over a long period of time, Fater bases its growth on its in-depth knowledge of consumers and markets, combined with the application of multinational work methods.

Fater is a dynamic company that believes in continuous innovation and it invests 4% of its turnover in Research&Development.

Fater Head Quarter is located in Pescara, we have several affiliates in Moscow, Bucharest, Istanbul and Mohammedia and manufacturing plants in Italy (Pescara and Campochiaro), in Portugal (Porto) and Morocco (Mohammedia).

Fater counts globally 1,400 employees and 915 million Euros of turnover (ref. 2013/2014 financial statements).

Aree disciplinari di interesse: 

  • Economia, Management e Statistica
  • Ingegneria e Architettura
  • Scienze


 Aree di inserimento: 

  •  Acquisti 
  •  Amministrazione e Controllo d’Impresa 
  •  Informatica / Sviluppo reti 
  •  Logistica / Trasporti / Distribuzione  
  •  Marketing e Vendite
  •  Produzione Agricola / Gestione del Verde 
  •  Progettazione e Produzione Meccanica / Elettrica / Elettronica 
  •  Ricerca e Sviluppo


Posizioni offerte:

R&D - Assistant Researcher (ACE/LINES)

Technical skills:

  • Master Degree in Chemical Engingeering, Materials/Mech Engineering, Chemistry, Physiscs, Industrial Chemistry
  • Good level of English
  • Proved autonomy in lab operations
  • Good knowledge of basic software: Word, Excel, Powerpoint Optional skills: previous experience with CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software (e.g.: COMSOL, ANSYS FLUENT, OpenFoam, etc.)


Soft skills:

  • Initiative
  • Project management
  • Problem solving
  • Teamwork

Account Assistant

Fresh graduate or undegraduate in Economics with a brilliant academic path.

This professional path follows the following steps:

  •  Phase 1, internship inside the Trade Marketing Team:

- get in touch with issues relating to the management of a specific business category
- contribute to the development and implementation of specific business plans
- follow projects whose development will interact with all business functions

  • Phase 2, internship inside the Sales Team:
    - manage customers through an incremental knowledge of the market in which you operate
    - manage the different distribution channels
    - analyze the market
    - plan sales

Soft skills:

  • initiative
  • communication and relational skills
  • goal oriented


Process Engineer

Technical skills:

  • Master Degree in Chemical, or Mechanical Engineering with a brilliant academic path
  • Basic Mechanical knowledge
  • Basic Electrical knowledge base
  • Knowledge of the Quality Criteria
  • Good expertise in Microsoft Office software Nice to have: basic expertise in SAP software

Soft skills:

  • Fluency in English
  • Leadership
  • Troubleshooting

Modalità di inserimento: 

  • Tirocinio 


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