Recruiting Week Online - Information in English

One week focused on recruitment opportunities to help students and graduates of the University of Bologna meet with more than 40 companies of diverse industry sectors whose aim is to showcase their career opportunites and get in touch with young talents.

Each company, on the date and time indicated in the programme will meet the attendees in a virtual room where there could be either a workshop or a public chat to answer questions or clarify any doubts.

During the entire week of the event it is also possibile to be invited to a short job interview with the company HR staff who might schedule some one-to-one interviews with some of the candidates who best match their recruitment needs. In case the interview is scheduled you will receive an email notification.

To learn more about the companies and most wanted profiles, check out the webinar/chat programme and request a one-to-one interview you need to register to the event using your Almalaurea account and credentials and upload or update your CV.

The event is reserved for students/graduates of the University of Bologna: 

  • second cycle degree students
  • students attending their final year of any programme (first and single cycle)
  • graduates withing 36 months of graduation
  • PhD students and graduates of the last cycle.