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Day 1 - 21st January 2021

Institutional Greetings: Professor Annalisa Trentin, Coordinator of PhD Programme of Architecture and Design Cultures

02:00 pm

Tools For After: a selection of video, project, images from the international call

02:15 pm

Paper Presentation: aesthetics in the anthropocene + Q&A

02:50 pm

  • Overlapping narratives: self-representations of the Anthropocene

    Stefano Ascari (Università di Bologna)
  • De-sterilizing design: towards non-anthropocentric strategies beyond the inert

    Elena Brea, Pablo Ferreira Navone, María Buey, Gabriel Alonso (Institute for Postnatural Studies)
  • Mapping, Sensing and Hacking – Rethinking Architecture in the Era of the Anthropocene

    Yael Eylat Van Essen (HIT- Holon Institute of Technology, Holon, Israel)

Coffee break

03:50 pm

Screening of the short film “Welcome to the Antropocene”

04:00 pm

Stefania Barca: Welcome to the Anthropocene: a tale of eco-capitalist realism

04:10 pm

Laura Centemeri: Repairing, nurturing, reinhabiting: reflections on a care-oriented engagement with/for the environment

04:30 pm

Coffee break

04:50 pm

Emanuele Leonardi: The Anthropocene as a Regime of Visibility

05:00 pm

Miriam Tola: Improving Mars: Elon Musk, Geopower and Colonial Habitation

05:20 pm

Coffee break

05:40 pm

Round Table: Anthropocene and Care

05:50 pm

  • Speakers: Stefania Barca, Laura Centemeri, Emanuele Leonardi, Miriam Tola. Moderator: Ivano Gorzanelli

Closing greetings

06:30 pm

Day 2 - 22nd January 2021

Institutional Greetings

09:00 am

Kjetil Fallan: Deep Ecology as Deep Design

09:20 am

Paper Presentation: ecology and design + Q&A

10:10 am

  • Agency and participation in a more-than-human anthropocene: reflections on designing with different others

    Gionata Gatto, Alessia Cadamuro (Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation/Open University)
  • The User in the Anthropocene

    Tuğba Deringöl, Sema Serim (Abdullah Gul University, Turkey/ Erciyes University, Turkey)
  • Arks. Architectures of Retention

    Alberto Petracchin (Politecnico di Milano)

Coffee break

11:10 am

Studio Formafantasma: Cambio

11:30 am

Paper Presentation: materials experiments + Q&A

12:00 pm

  • Syntropic materials. Designing forests to design natural materials

    Eugenia Morpurgo (Independent researcher)
  • Carpentered Diegetic Things: Alternative Design Ideologies for AI Material Relations

    Franziska Pilling, Paul Coulton (Lancaster University, LICA)
  • Metabolic Architecture: Dialogues with Microbes

    Rachel Armstrong, Rolf Hughes (Newcastle University, United Kingdom/University of Leuven Faculty of Architecture, Campus Sint-Lucas, Ghent, Brussels)

Lunch break

01:00 pm

Maurizio Carta: Neoanthropocene Augmented Cities

02:30 pm

Paper Presentation: urban transformations + Q&A

03:30 pm

  • Towards conviviality in smart territories

    Federico Diodato (Università di Bologna/Université de Paris-Est, France)
  • Unblackboxing in practice. A set of actions enabling circular city-making

    Saverio Massaro (University of Basilicata)
  • Pictures of floating grounds. voluntary exiles and ecological narratives: the case of Oceanix floating city project

    Matteo Vianello (Iuav University of Venice)

Closing greetings

16:30 pm