An international workshop focusing on new research perspectives and methodologies for understanding and promoting change in typical and atypical development.

The workshop will bring a cutting edge view on the interplay between early skills and the environment and the connections between theoretical and intervention models with an interdisciplinary and cross-population approach.

Scholars, researchers, clinicians, and students will have the opportunity to discuss new approaches, methodologies and protocols for studying typical and atypical development and how to transfer this knowledge to clinical and educational settings.

Organization and Sponsorships


The workshop is organized by the Developmental Psychology Lab and the Psychometrics Lab of the Department of Psychology, University of Bologna, in collaboration with the Infant Communication Lab of the Department of Psychology, University of Pittsburgh, and the Learning Research and Development Center of the University of Pittsburgh.

Sponsorship and grant of the University of Bologna innovative project Progetto Innovativo nell’Ambito degli Accordi di Cooperazione Internazionali “Implementing a cross-cultural, cross-population and Interdisciplinary methodology for studying development”.

Sponsorship AIP, CLASTA

Brochure and flyer


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Poster Program

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Joint International Workshop poster program