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Workshops and CV check to help you prepare to meet the employers at the Career Day. On this page you will find all the initiatives organised by the Career Guidance Service of the University of Bologna in cooperation with Er.Go - the regional agency for higher education.

All the activities require previous registration, except for the CV check in person which is free access.

Webinars on how to prepare your CV - online 

  •   7th February 10.00-12.00 | register on ER.GO
  • 14th February 10.00-12.00 | in ENGLISH | register on ER.GO
  • 14th February 14.00-16.00 | register on Studenti online (see "prenotazioni")
  • 19 febbraio ore 14.00-16.00 | register on Studenti online (see "prenotazioni")

Seminars on job interviews - in person

  • 8th February 9.00-11.00 - aula P - Via B. Andreatta 8, Bologna | registration on Studenti online (see "prenotazioni")
  • 13th February 9.00 -11.00 - aula P - Via B. Andreatta 8, Bologna | registration on Studenti online (see "prenotazioni")
  • 20th February 9.00-11.00 - aula P - Via B. Andreatta 8, Bologna  | registration on Studenti online (see "prenotazioni")

CV Check

Have you already attended a seminar on how to write your CV, but have still questions and doubts and would like to have a quick feedback (10 minutes)? Here are a few optional dates:

In person - no booking necessary

  • 30th January 9.00-12.30 - Largo Trombetti 1, Bologna
  • 8th February 11.00-13.00 - Largo Trombetti 1, Bologna
  • 13th February 11.00-13.00 - Largo Trombetti 1, Bologna
  • 20th February 11.00-13.00 Largo - Trombetti 1, Bologna 


Online - booking necessary

  •  6th February 9.00-16.00 
  • 15th February 9.00-16.00 

The online Check Point CV need to be booked and this will be possible from 20th January on Studenti online (see "prenotazioni").

For additional information please contact: