What can be done to make the green transition happen?

Despite ambitious pledges made in Paris in 2015, with the EU at the forefront, the world is not on track to stop climate change within safe limits. Policies and public debates fall short of what has been promised.

Shared Perspectives 2023 is a policy workshop which seeks to develop answers to this question. Join our line-up of leading researchers and policy thinkers to:

  • Consider the interaction of different economic and political aspects of climate policy;
  • Understand the political constraints which need to be taken into account when formulating feasible climate policies;
  • Discuss policy instruments which could help unlock the path to the green transition.


  • Friday 6th October / 14.00-20.00 (CET)
  • Saturday 7th October / 08.30-18.15 (CET)



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If you would like to participate in person at Bertinoro