Abstract submission for speakers


  • In word, Calibri 12, line space 1, justified. No pictures.
  • The title and the abstract should be entered as plain text, they should not contain HTML elements.
  • AUTHORS AND AFFILIATIONS (example: Elena Fabbri, Ayesha Rafique and Paola Valbonesi. Department BIGEA, University of Bologna, Campus of Ravenna, Italy.
  • TITLE (IN CAPITAL LETTERS), Not exceeding 100 (one hundred) characters, including spaces.
  • ABSTRACT TEXT, Not exceeding 2000 (two thousands) characters, including spaces


Foot notes:

  • Keywords (max 5)
  • Email address will only be used for communication with the presenting author. It will not appear in public Web pages of this conference.
  • Web page (if available: for academics: website of the Author or the laboratory. For the non-academics: website of the Company)