The competition will be held on 22 February at 4.30 PM.

Follow the competition online!

Here's the link for the live broadcast on the University of Bologna YouTube Channel.


The 3MT is an academic competition that challenges PhD students to describe their research to a general audience in English in less than three minutes.

The 3MT celebrates the discoveries made by research students: it encourages you to communicate the importance of your research to a broader community by talking about your PhD project in an informative and audience-oriented way.

If you are enrolled in your last year of doctoral programmes, and you won't discuss your thesis before June 2024, you are eligible to participate.

1st Round at Unibo

The competition will take place on 22 February 2024.

A jury supported by the voting audience will select the three best presentations among 10 finalists.

The jury will be composed of:

  • Dr Laura Corazza, Department of Industrial Chemistry "Toso Montanari"
  • Prof Anna Chiara Fariselli, Department of Cultural Heritage and Delegate for Interdisciplinarity 
  • Prof Luca Fontanesi, Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences and Delegate for Competitive Research Projects
  • Prof Paola Govoni, Department of Philosophy and Communication Studies
  • Prof Maria Letizia Guerra, Department of Statistical Science, Delegate for Public Engagement
  • Prof Mario Mazzocchi, Department of Statistical Science
  • Prof Barbara Monti, Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology and Delegate for Equipment and Infrastructure
  • Prof Alessandra Ruggeri, Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences

2nd Round

The video of the winning presentation will be sent to an independent Coimbra Group jury. This jury nominates three contestants among the winners of the universities participating for the international Coimbra Group Three-Minute-Thesis Competition Final that will take place on 6 June 2024 at the University of Turku.

More info on the Coimbra Group 2024 3MT Competition here. 



2020 3MT winner: Maria Francesca Di Filippo

In 2020, a Unibo student won the 3MT competition final: Maria Francesca Di Filippo with her PhD project on the properties of chitosan films enriched with Snail slime.