The 3MT is an academic competition that challenges PhD students to describe their research in not more than three minutes in English language to a general audience. 3MT celebrates the discoveries made by research students and encourages you to communicate the importance of your research to the broader community.

PhD candidates attending doctoral schools on the second and third year are eligible to participate.

The first phase of the competition has just ended with great success, gathering over 60 applications from 27 different doctoral courses

The Unibo Event

The competition takes place on February, 20 2020, at 5 pm, Sala VIII Centenario, Rectorate, Via Zamboni 33

During the final event, the jury composed of Antonino Rotolo, Vice Rector for Research, Beatrice Fraboni, Director of the Collegio Superiore, Annalisa Pelizza, Professor of Science and Technology Studies (STS) and holds the Chair in Sociology of Communication Processes, Federico Stella, Member of the Collegio Superiore and assisted by the voting public, will choose the three best presentations among those of the 14 finalists.

During the event, Federico Fanti, Senior assistant professor at the Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences and emerging Explorer from the National Geographic Society will take a speech on the importance of scientific dissemination, starting from his own experience.

2nd Round

The video of the winning presentation will be sent to an independent Coimbra Group jury. This jury nominates three contestants for the international Coimbra Group Three Minute Thesis Competition Final to be held June 2020.