The Unibo Competition

In 2008 the University of Queensland in Australia held a competition called ‘Three Minute Thesis’ ( in which PhD candidates explained their research to an ‘intelligent lay audience’ in three minutes with only one slide. In the following years, the 3MT competition has developed into a global phenomenon and has been held at multiple institutions across the world. In June 2017, the Coimbra Group held its first 3MT final during the annual General Assembly at the University of Edinburgh.

Five years ago, the University of Bologna joined the Coimbra Group 3MT Competition. Each university participating to the Coimbra Group 3MT Competition selects their best candidate and sends a video recording of their presentations to the Doctoral Studies Working Group (DS WG). The winners of each university will compete against other candidates at the European level. The DS WG will select 3 finalists  among them to participate in the live Final Competition at the CG Annual Conference!




    21 November 2023: Expression of Interest opens (Form online) 

    20 December 2022: Expression of Interest closes

    16 January 2023: Selection of 14 PhD students among those who expressed an interest. 
    The selection will be made by the Official Jury

    23 February 2023: 3MT Competition event at Unibo at 4:30 PM
    (in-person for the 14 finalists, the jury, and the voting audience, streamed for the public)

    31 May - 2 June 2023: Coimbra Group Final award
    The live final of the 2023 competition will take place during the CG Annual Conference
    at the University of Cologne.