Energy: from Ciamician's vision to future perspectives

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Vincenzo Balzani - University of Bologna

Electronic absorption spectroscopy

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Nelsi Zaccheroni - University of Bologna

Deactivation of electronically excited states and fluorimetry (new version)

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Luca Prodi - University of Bologna

Absorption and emission spectroscopy with polarised light

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Marco Montalti - University of Bologna

Bimolecular dynamic quenching and photoinduced energy transfer

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Andrea Fermi - University of Bologna

Photoinduced electron transfer

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Paola Ceroni - University of Bologna

Quenching and sensitisation of electronic excited states

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Damiano Genovese - University of Bologna

Luminescent sensors and probes

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Enrico Rampazzo - University of Bologna

Photochromic compounds and actinometry

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Massimo Baroncini - University of Bologna

Emission measurements by pulsed excitation

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Giacomo Bergamini - University of Bologna

Simulation of absorption and emission spectra

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Fabrizia Negri - University of Bologna

Transient absorption spectroscopy

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Mirco Natali - University of Ferrara


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Francesco Paolucci - University of Bologna

Fluorescence microscopy

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Ilse Manet - CNR Bologna

Photochemistry and biomedical applications

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Salvatore Sortino - University of Catania

Photophysics of semiconductors

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Luca Pasquini - University of Bologna

Photoactive molecular devices and machines

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Serena Silvi - University of Bologna

Conversion of solar energy into electricity and fuels

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Stefano Caramori - University of Ferrara

Synthetic applications of photo(organo)catalyzed reactions

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Maurizio Fagnoni - University of Pavia

How much photochemistry can there be in an artwork?

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Aldo Romani - University of Perugia