Piazza Maggiore, Bologna 


Doctoral studies represent not only the highest level of education provided for by the Italian system but also a very important research training experience, essential for young people who will be committed to strengthen and advance the cultural growth of society.

University of Bologna is happy to organize the Conferment Public Ceremony for Cycles XXXI, XXXII and XXXIII that will be be held on 20 June at 5 PM in Piazza Maggiore.

With this event, in the heart of the city, the University of Bologna wants to affirm the value and importance of this academic programme and to pay due attention to each and every one of you.

The knowledge, ideas and skills of our students represent a cultural and scientific heritage that belongs not only to the university community, but to society as a whole.

Who the ceremony is for and information

PhD graduates of cycles XXXI, XXXII and XXXIII who signed up for it

For further details on the conferment ceremony please visit this webpage

Piazza Maggiore