The Europlanet WorkshopSeries links travel grants to selected applicants who intend to attend the workshop. 

Not just a travel grant! The Europlanet WorkshopSeries grants will provide opportunities for leveraging on established research networks to directly contribute to the applicant’s current research and career.


Eligibility and Travel Grant Conditions

•You must be a PhD student or post-doc, lecturer, professor, or a professional interested in Earth observation.
•You must reside in Ethiopia. 
•Grants (subject to availability of funds and current COVID regulation) will be attributed only to selected applicants who intend to physically attend the workshop.
•All grant requests should be received no later than 04.11.2022, after that date the applications will not be considered.
•Only applications loaded on the Registration Form under Travel Grant Application will be eligible for evaluation.
•Your grant application (Registration Form) should be accompanied by a short CV (2 pages max). PhD Stundet should also provide a reference letter from the supervisor.
•Grants will cover a lump sum for A/R trip, hotel accommodation and meals. More details in the acceptance letter.


To apply fill the Registration Form


IMPORTANT: 04.11.2022 is the grant application deadline.


For more infos contact: Prof. Barbara CAVALAZZI: