Oral and poster presentations

Oral presentations

Oral presentations of abstracts will take 10 minutes each (+ 5 mins of questions). 

The slide file format should be PPTX or PDF with aspect ratio 16:9, and we kindly recommend using the EuroDURG2023 template. Click here to get the template or download it from the attached files (at the end of the page). 

We kindly request that you send the slides, a few days prior to the presentation, to this email address: eurodurg2023@unibo.it. This will allow us to upload them onto the computer in the room where you will be presenting in advance, making them readily available on the day of the presentation.

Poster presentations

Posters should be in A0 format with portrait orientation, i.e., poster dimensions should be 841mm wide and 1189mm high (33 inches x 46.8 inches). 

As long tradition of EuroDURG conferences, all posters will be orally presented during the interactive poster walks with the organising committee members (poster sessions I and II of the program). 

Poster printing

Poster printing service is included in the EuroDURG registration fee. Please follow the guidelines below to use this service. 

  • Posters have to be in A0 format and a minimum resolution of 300 dpi;
  • Posters have to be sent in PDF format;
  • Posters have to be sent within June 11th to eurodurg2023@unibo.it;
  • Posters will be picked up on the conference venue the day of your poster presentation.


Otherwise, if you prefer to print the poster yourself, feel free to bring it on the presentation day. There are also a lot of print shops in Bologna where posters can be printed.

If you print the poster yourself, please go and register it to the reception desk before hanging it. Fixing materials and on-site assistance will be at the reception desk.  


Template for slides

Template for slides

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Poster Walk Schedule

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