Picture of the internal historical courtyard of  University of Bologna headquarters

The International Conference on "Horizons in Hydrogen Bond Research" is a biennial event and has a long tradition with meetings being held across Europe. 

HBond2023 is the twenty-fifth in the series of conferences on hydrogen bonding which was started by Prof. Lucjan Sobczyk in Poland in 1977.

Hydrogen bonded systems are very important in many disciplines like biology, chemistry, astrophysics and materials sciences. The meeting gathers scientists working in the field of hydrogen bonding research and other weak interactions, who study virtually all states of matter by a multitude of experimental and theoretical methods.

We welcome all colleagues, researchers and educators working with hydrogen bonding and other weak chemical interactions to join the HBond2023 Conference in Bologna for interesting and entertaining discussions and experiences. We have prepared an inspiring event that will provide plenty of opportunities for interaction and networking!