Getting there

The Staff Training will take place in the Rectorate premises, at Via Zamboni, 33 - Bologna. The venue is in the city center.

From the Airport to the city center:

Aerobus Shuttle Service Travel time: about 20 minutes. Price: 6 euro one way. Phone: +39 051 290290 
For further information on bus routes and schedule in Bologna: Tper Service

Taxis are availabe at the airport. Taxi number: +39051372727


Moving inside Bologna:

If your hotel is inside the city walls, you can easily walk around.

The company handling the city transport is Tper, the single tickets can be bought inside the bus or at the tper offices -such as the one mentioned above- the other tickets can only be bought in the ticket offices.

Single ticket: 1,30€ (inside the bus 1,50€) City pass (10 tickets): 12€ 24-hour ticket: 5€

If you are thinking about staying longer you might want to consider the monthly ticket -personal and non-transferable- for 36€ (27€ if you are under 27 y.o)

Each ticket is valid during 75 minutes in all the lines, including changes.