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Since 1973, when it was founded, Cantiere del Pardo has produced more than 5000 boats. It occupies a covered 40.000 square meters surface and is split into three macro-departments: millwork, using cutting-edge technologies and processes; carpentry, based on tradition and the manual skills of its work force; and assembly, where everything is put together carefully up to final testing in the large test tank.
A continuous handing down of knowledge and skills, a true sense of trade, and craftsmanship capable of producing sailing boats and motorboats with a highly recognizable ‘Made in Italy’ design, without ever compromising strength and reliability.
Our goal is to establish perfect harmony with the environment in which our boats sail.
For this reason, the priority of Cantiere del Pardo follows a constant strategy of reducing materials with a negative impact on ecosustainable construction processes, together with accurate control of supply chains and suppliers.
Our first responsibility, as people and as a company, is the full awareness that our business is closely linked to the marine ecosystem in which allows us to pursue our passions every day.

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Aree disciplinari di interesse

Economia e management

  • Laurea in Business and Economics
  • Laurea in Business Economics
  • Laurea in Economia aziendale
  • Laurea in Economia, mercati e istituzioni
  • Laurea in Economics and Finance
  • Laurea in Management and Economics
  • Laurea in Management e marketing
  • Laurea Magistrale in Amministrazione e gestione d'impresa
  • Laurea Magistrale in Direzione aziendale
  • Laurea Magistrale in Economia e management
  • Laurea Magistrale in Economics
  • Laurea Magistrale in Finanza, intermediari e mercati
  • Laurea Magistrale in International Management
  • Laurea Magistrale in Law and Economics
  • Laurea Magistrale in Law, Economics and Governance


  • Laurea in Chimica e chimica dei materiali
  • Laurea Magistrale in Analisi e gestione dell'ambiente


  • Laurea in Consulente del lavoro e delle relazioni aziendali

Ingegneria e architettura

  • Laurea in Architettura-ingegneria
  • Laurea in Design del prodotto industriale
  • Laurea in Ingegneria aerospaziale
  • Laurea in Ingegneria chimica e biochimica
  • Laurea in Ingegneria dell'automazione
  • Laurea in Ingegneria elettronica
  • Laurea in Ingegneria energetica
  • Laurea in Ingegneria gestionale
  • Laurea in Ingegneria meccanica
  • Laurea Magistrale in Advanced Automotive Engineering
  • Laurea Magistrale in Advanced design
  • Laurea Magistrale in Aerospace Engineering
  • Laurea Magistrale in Automation Engineering
  • Laurea Magistrale in Building Engineering -Architecture
  • Laurea Magistrale in Electronic Engineering
  • Laurea Magistrale in Ingegneria gestionale
  • Laurea Magistrale in Ingegneria meccanica
  • Laurea Magistrale in Offshore Engineering
  • Laurea Magistrale a Ciclo Unico in Architettura

Area di inserimento

  • Acquisti
  • Amministrazione e Controllo d'Impresa
  • Consulenza strategica e di direzione
  • Logistica / Trasporti / Distribuzione
  • Marketing e Vendite
  • Progettazione e Produzione Meccanica / Elettrica
  • Qualità, sicurezza, ambiente
  • Ricerca e Sviluppo

Modalità di inserimento

  • Tirocinio
  • Contratto a tempo determinato
  • Contratto a tempo indeterminato