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The Euclid mission is getting to the heart of operations. As the mission enters its operational phase, it is important to ensure that the data generated meet the required quality and that key projects are on track to deliver insightful knowledge. To facilitate this critical process, we propose a SWG-GAE Euclid Workshop to be held in Bologna from 14 to 16 February 2024. This workshop is exclusively addressed to members of the Euclid Consortium, in particular to participants of the Euclid Science Working Group for Galaxies and Active Galactic Nuclei Evolution (SWG-GAE). This workshop is timely, as it aligns with the period when Euclid is expected to have delivered its first data.

This workshop will serve as a forum to discuss and present progress on:

Quality assessment of photometric and spectroscopic data:
The Euclid mission will provide an unprecedented amount of photometric and spectroscopic data. Accurate measurement of galaxy shapes, photometric and spectroscopic redshifts is critical to the success of Euclid's science goals, including probing dark energy and dark matter. In particular we will discuss and assess the quality of these data products, share best practices and address issues that may arise during data processing.

Review of nearly completed preparatory projects:
During the preparatory phase of the mission, several projects (former pre-launch key projects) were carried out. These projects serve as a guide for achieving Euclid's scientific objectives. The workshop offers the project teams the opportunity to present their progress, share results and receive feedback.

Planning for key projects:
As Euclid now moves into the operational phase, the workshop will facilitate discussions on the scope and initial deliverables of the key projects (which will be assigned some time before the workshop).

Synergies with complementary astronomical facilities:
We know that the insights from Euclid's observations can be extended through synergies with other cutting-edge facilities such as the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), MOONS, the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), e-Rosita and others. This workshop will provide a platform for discussions on how Euclid's data can synergise with data from these complementary ground- and space-based facilities, leading to a multi-wavelength, multi-messenger survey of the Universe and maximising the scientific return across the entire astronomical community.

Networking and collaboration:
This workshop provides a unique opportunity for our diverse community of researchers to network, foster collaborations and exchange ideas.

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Picture: Euclid early commissioning test image by the NISP instrument (near-infrared light)

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