Invitation Program

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06 December 2019

  • 8.45

    Attendee registration

  • 09.15

    Welcome Remarks

    Antonio Danieli, General Director - Fondazione Golinelli , Flaviano Celaschi, Full Professor in Industrial Design - Advanced Design Unit, Università di Bologna
  • 09.30

    Reasearch Report: The Future of Packaging Design

    Clara Giardina, Reasearch Fellow – Advanced Design Unit, Università di Bologna
  • 10.00

    Partnering for a Sustainable Future: How connected packaging is driving sustainability and circularity in the consumer products industry

    Simon Jones, SVP Sales Europe & Asia - EVRYTHNG
  • 10.30

    The state of corporate innovation in packaging. A case study: Compostable Flexible Packaging

    Tommaso Maschera - Ventures Associate Plug and Play , Yuval Ben Yehuda - Title Sales Manager at TIPA Corp TIPA
  • 11.00-11.30

    Coffee break

  • 11.30

    Reuse as a Service. How reusable and returnable packaging helps making eCommerce circular

    Christof Trowitz - Business Development - RePack
  • 12.00

    Smart-Powered Reusable Packaging

    Petr Báča, Founder & CEO – MIWA Minimum Waste
  • 12.30

    Innovation in packaging solutions for the transition towards a Cradle to Cradle Circular Economy

    Agustín Correa L., Research, Development and Innovation Lead - Triciclos
  • 13.00 - 14.00

    Lunch Buffet

  • 14.00

    The Good Packaging: a systemic and ethical approach to innovation by Design

    Erik Ciravegna, Adjunct Professor School of Design - Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
  • 14.20

    Conai roadmap for sustainable packaging

    Simona Fontana, Head of the Study Centre and Prevention Area, CONAI
  • Packaging Valley Case studies

    Aliplast (Hera group) - Carlo Andriolo, CEO; Amadori - Giorgia Mainardi - Innovation; Barilla - Giacomo Canali, Research Development and Quality Packaging Research and Sustainability Manager; Coop Italia- Chiara Faenza, Head of Innovation Sustainability and Values; Fondazione Golinelli - Program Manager Training for Entrepreneurship in the School and Business Area; Hooro - Saverio Ermanno Lorè, CEO and R&D Manager; Pelliconi - Matteo Mingardi, Innovation Manager; Protesa s.p.a. (Sacmi Group) - Roberto Saponelli, R&D and Research Funding
  • 17.30

    Greetings and Conclusions

Method and organisation of the day

The Symposium is a format of blue sky analysis on targeted themes of innovation-driven design. A format developed by Elena Formia, Flaviano Celaschi, Omar Vulpinari, of the Alma Mater of the University of Bologna (Advanced Design Unit ADU) in 2017 that adapts to international explorations of large numbers of case studies, mapping tensions in place, identifying points of excellence and intertwining operators among themselves. The first phase of the work consisted in finding about 150 selected reporters among the operators of research and production worldwide. Among these, more than 80 experts from 3 continents responded to the call, pointing out case studies that have been analytically filed and compared, mapped and studied in detail, asking for further information from the direct managers. This second phase generated the overall dossier and then allowed the third phase that produced the summaries and reading maps of trends and excellent isolated cases. Through this process, the multifactorial analysis has allowed to identify a limited number of cases to be invited to present at the Symposium. The 2019 Symposium is on a theme of particular topicality and importance in contemporary society, namely packaging. Clara Giardina, research fellow of ADU UNIBO, coordinated the analysis of this edition with the supervision of the scientific committee directed by Prof. Flaviano Celaschi of UNIBO, coordinator of ADU. The Symposium is developed in 3 phases: 1) presentation of the complete results of the research, methodology and content. 2) presentation of some particularly interesting case studies taken from the more than 300 censuses in the research and analyzed through a multidimensional matrix and presented directly by the managers who generated them. 3) presentation and discussion with a significant number of subjects that in the regional territory of the European packaging valley par excellence represent quality and innovation in progress