Bien Welcome a Italia!

Workshop on June 27 with Matteo Andreone a specialist in humorous-intelligence

Matteo Andreone is a writer, playwright, director and comedy teacher. He is also a humor scholar and a professional coach, specialized in humorous-intelligence as a useful tool for the development of creativity and improving communication. In 2001 he was one of the founders of the Italian National Academy of Comedy (Accademia Nazionale del Comico). Film actor (last production: Slaughterhouse, in competition at the 60th Venice International Film Festival) and theatre director (last production: Wstawach!, with original music composed and conducted by Ennio Morricone), as playwright he wrote 14 plays, 6 musicals, 7 monologues for voice and piano and 2 monologues for voice and orchestra. He published Una risata vi promuoverà (A laugh will promote you: theory and practice of humor for corporate wellbeing and professional growth), Pubblichiamoli a casa loro (Let's publish them at their home: literary proofs of migrant humor) and Lezioni di comicità (Lessons of comedy: practical guide to train personal humorous creativity and comic language), the official study book for the Academy school program, and he edited the Italian edition of The new comedy writer, by the American comic author Gene Perret.

Monday June 27, 2022 - Workshop in Bertinoro

Time: 10 am  Place: Sala museo

During the workshop

 … we will try to answer some questions. How do Italians think, how do they express themselves, what are they laughing for at and what is the meaning of their compulsive gesticulation? How can they identify perfectly, and equally, with the commedia dell’arte and with the tragedy of melodrama? How is it possible to go from the cinema of neorealism to the Italian comedy cinema, and go back, without ever losing the sense of the story? Is there a relationship between humor, beauty, love and good food? What is the relationship, in Italy, between humor and politics, religion, business?

What will be done

  • Theory: From the theater of the commedia dell’arte to the cinema of the Italian comedy
  • Practice: Linguistic creation exercises, starting with the words of each language
  • Practice: Exercises of expressive creation, through the gestures typical of each culture
  • Theory: From comedy to life
  • Practice: Exercises of creative observation and humorous re-positioning
  • Theory: Conclusions and de-briefing
  • Comedians and Sommeliers: a humorous wine tasting


Bien Welcome a Italia! with Matteo Andreone

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Humor: a collective language to tell about ourselves and understand each other. Experiments on the mental process of the average Italian, for the use of the host.