Call for panels

The 9th STS Italia Conference welcomes panel and paper proposals contributing to the effort of unpacking the ambiguous concept of "interest” from a more-than-human perspective. The conference is intended to provide a dynamic, equal and multidisciplinary context to present conceptual, methodological and analytical insights in the heterogeneous realm of social studies of science, technology and innovation. Notably, we invite panel and abstract proposals about (but not limited to) these areas:

  • Ecological transitions and climate justice
  • Health policies, governance and practices in a postpandemic era
  • Sociomaterialities of conflict and peace
  • Knowledge co-creation, citizens science, co-design processes, material publics and grassroot innovation
  • Technoscientific promises, imaginaries and expectations
  • Methodological challenges in a more-than-human world
  • Everyday life and design of the mundane
  • Working conditions and organizations interested in and by automation
  • Postcolonial technoscientific futures
  • Governance of and by data infrastructures
  • Sociotechnologies of (in)secure worlds to come
  • Technofeminism and interspecies solidarities
  • Food networks and governance in postpandemic times
  • Heritage industry and the production of collective memory
  • Right to and sociotechnical imaginaries of the city
  • Algorithmic knowledge, media ecologies and artificial intelligence
  • Innovation imaginaries, practices and policies
  • Ethics, innovation and responsibility in technoscience
  • The value of science, technology, innovation and research practices
  • Embodied identities, genders and interests
  • Extractivist powers, imaginaries and asymmetries
  • Heterogeneous assemblages in biomedical research
  • Building alliances in public participation and engagement
  • Sociomaterial learning processes and/in digital worlds

Panel submission

Panel submissions open on September 19 until November 4, 2022 (previously: October 25, 2022).

Panel organizers will be notified by November 21, 2022

In order to submit a panel proposal please create an account on the conference platform and submit your contribution after account creation.

The following video explains the process in more detail.