The 9th STS Italia Conference welcomes paper proposals contributing to the effort of unpacking the ambiguous concept of "interest” from a more-than-human perspective. The conference is intended to provide a dynamic, equal and multidisciplinary context to present conceptual, methodological and analytical insights in the heterogeneous realm of social studies of science, technology and innovation.

List of panels

Please download the PDF above to see the panel descriptions.


Panel 2: The more-than-human politics of urban inequalities

Organizers: Rivke Jaffe (1); Francesca Pilo' (2)

1: University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands; 2: Utrecht University, The Netherlands


Panel 3: Sociotechnical assemblages and practices of crisis planning and preparation: Imaginaries of infrastructure breakdown and its governance

Organizers: Silvia Rief

University of Innsbruck, Austria


Panel 5: ‘Outbreak’: Science, governance, and responding otherwise to challenges to come

Organizers: Kari Lancaster (1); Tim Rhodes (1,2)

1: University of New South Wales, Australia; 2: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine


Panel 6: The Sars-CoV-2 emergency narrative: A discursive-material approach

Chair: Barbara Saracino

University of Bologna, Italy

Abstract: Andrea Miconi (1); Simona Pezzano (1); Lorenzo Donghi (2); Alessandro Ricci (3); Sara Gandini (4)

1: IULM, Italy; 2: University of Pavia, Italy; 3: University of Bergamo, Italy; 4: European Institute of Oncology, Italy


Panel 7: Where’s the ‘intelligence’ in AI? Mattering, Placing and De-individuating AI

Organizers: Ludovico Rella (1); Fabio Iapaolo (2)

1: Durham University, United Kingdom; 2: Oxford Brookes, United Kingdowm


Panel 8: Where Sunstainable Plastic-transitions are going? Historical, Political and Social Lifes of plastic consumption and waste

Organizers: François Dedieu (1); stephanie Barral (1); Sebastien Dalgalarrondo (2); Tristan Fournier (2); Céline Pessis (3); Baptiste Monsaingeon (4); Laurent Pordier (2); Benjamin Raimbault (5)

1: Inrae, France; 2: Cnrs, France; 3: AgroParitech, france; 4: University of Reims-Champagne Ardenne, france; 5: ESIEE, france


Panel 10: Games, experiments and redesign – Testing STS multimodal approaches

Organizers: Lorenzo Olivieri; Annalisa Pelizza; Claudio Coletta

University of Bologna, Italy


Panel 12: The interfaces that inform security knowledge and practice

Organizers: Claudia Aanonsen (1); Rocco Bellanova (2); Georgios Glouftsios (3)

1: NUPI, Norway; 2: Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium; 3: Scuola di Studi Internazionali, Università di Trento, Italy


Panel 13: Artistic Intelligence? Making it together in the Multispecies World

Organizers: Silvia Casini (1); Gediminas Urbonas (2); Roberta Buiani (3); Philippe Sormani (4)

1: University of Aberdeen; 2: Massachusetts Institute of Technology; 3: ArtSci Salon; 4: University of Lausanne


Panel 15: Boundary struggles: truth, interest and epistemic authority in a changing world

Organizers: Luigi Pellizzoni (1); Giuseppe Tipaldo (2); Barbara Sena (3)

1: University of Pisa, Italy; 2: University of Turin, Italy; 3: Unitelma Sapienza, Italy


Panel 16: Developing a robust food system applying a transdisciplinary approach beyond academia

Organizers: Carl Walter Matthias Kaiser (1); Cordula Scherer (2); Agnese Cretella (3)

1: Centre for the Study of the Sciences and Humanities, University of Bergen, Norway; 2: Centre for Environmental Humanities, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland; 3: Department of Philosophy and Communication, University of Bologna, Italy


Panel 19: Imaginary organisations for reinvented professions. Technological expectations and the construction of the world.

Organizers: Enrico Maria Piras (1); Roberto Lusardi (2)

1: Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Italy; 2: University of Bergamo


Panel 20: Extracting Humanness, Exploiting Labour: The Inhumane Face of Artificial Intelligence

Organizers: Fabio Morreale (1); Elham Bahmanteymouri (1); Brent Burmester (1); Matteo Pasquinelli (2)

1: University of Auckland, New Zealand; 2: University of Arts and Design Karlsruhe, Germany


Panel 21: A caring interest for the planet: making archives and readers *sensitive* in times of the new climatic regime

Organizers: Claudio Coletta (1); Paolo Giardullo (2)

1: University of Bologna, Italy; 2: University of Padua, Italy


Panel 22: How are STS interested in robotics?

Organizers: Letizia Zampino (1); Ilenia Picardi (2); Assunta Viteritti (3)

1: Sapienza, University of Rome, Italy; 2: University of Naples Federico II, Italy; 3: Sapienza, University of Rome, Italy


Panel 23: Unpacking the entanglements of governance with technoscience: is it an 'interesting' challenge in addressing good governance?

Organizers: Anwesha Chakraborty; Alice Fubini

University of Bologna, Italy


Panel 24: Questioning the material and infrastructural dimensions of social research: methods, tools and practices

Organizers: Attila Bruni (1); Paolo Magaudda (2)

1: University of Trento, Italy; 2: University of Padua, Italy


Panel 25: Interesting failures to come: history, actors, and scenarios in unsuccessful digital technologies projects

Organizers: Olga Usachova (1); Ginevra Sanvitale (2); Paul Edwards (3)

1: University of Padova, Italy; 2: Trinity College Dublin, Ireland; (3) Stanford University, USA


Panel 26: Interesting worlds as matters of caring and commoning

Organizers: Mariacristina Sciannamblo (1); Maurizio Teli (2); Giacomo Poderi (3)

1: Sapienza University of Rome, Italy; 2: Aalborg University; 3: IT University of Copenhagen


Panel 27: Critical posthumanism: interrogating cyborg imaginaries, practices and politics

Organizers: Erika Cudworth (1); Delia Langstone (2)

1: De Montfort University, UK, United Kingdom; 2: University of East London


Panel 28: The politicization of infrastructures. European transformations in the name of geopolitics, security, and crisis.

Organizers: Benedict Lang; Jan-Hendrik Passoth; Silvan Pollozek

European University Frankfurt (Oder), Germany


Panel 29: Materiality and research in museums of science, technology and medicine

Organizers: Simona Casonato

Museo Nazionale Scienza e Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci, Milano, Italy


Panel 30: Algorithmic organizing and workers’ well-being


University of Milano Bicocca, Italy


Panel 31: Global Pathogens, Local Pathologies: Toward a more than human understanding of biosecurity

Organizers: Michele Bandiera (1); Christian Colella (2); Chiara Vacirca (3); Lucilla Barchetta (4); Pietro Autorino (5); Giulia Arrighetti (6); Enrico Milazzo (1); Jasmine Pisapia (7)



Panel 32: Big politics of small things

Organizers: Andrzej Wojciech Nowak (1); Wiktoria Woźniak-Konieczka (2)

1: Adam Mickiewicz University, Faculty of Philosophy, Poland; 2: Adam Mickiewicz University, Doctoral School of Humanities


Panel 33: Technologies, devices and ways of engaging with citizen science in the context of research and innovation: co-producing knowledge, co-designing technologies and co-creating research to address sustainability challenges

Organizers: Helena Solman (1); Julia Kirch Kirkegaard (2)

1: Wageningen University, Netherlands, The; 2: Danish Technical University, Denmark


Panel 34: Earthly and otherworldly challenges. On the mutual shaping of imaginaries, practices and discourses about Earth and Outer space

Organizers: Valentina Marcheselli (1); Marco Serino (2); Chiara Vassillo (2)

1: University of Trento, Italy; 2: University of Naples Federico II, Italy


Panel 35: The obsession with techno-futures in education

Organizers: Paolo Landri (1); Leonardo Piromalli (2); Assunta Viteritti (2)

1: IRPPS-CNR; 2: "Sapienza" University of Rome, Italy


Panel 36: Diagnosis, prognosis, treatment - Towards fair and sustainable care provisions in health systems and pharmaceutical innovation

Organizers: Hadewych Honné (1,2); Conor Douglas (3)

1: University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom; 2: KU Leuven, Belgium; 3: York University, Canada


Panel 37: Interesting participatory processes in science, technology and innovation: conditions, challenges and prospects for bottom-up innovation

Organizers: Simone Arnaldi (1); Stefano Crabu (2); Paolo Magaudda (2)

1: University of Trieste, Italy; 2: University of Padua, Italy


Panel 39: Resistance in action. Understanding countersurveillance practices, imaginaries, and activities in a digitally dense environment

Organizers: Veronica Moretti (1); Alessandro Caliandro (2); Barbara Morsello (3)

1: University of Bologna, Italy; 2: University of Pavia, Italy; 3: University of Padova, Italy


Panel 40: Publish or perish reloaded: The matrix of contemporary scientific publishing facing institutional research arrangements and the marketization of academic environments

Organizers: Stefano Crabu; Federico Neresini

University of Padova, Italy


Panel 41: More-than-human medicine? Unpacking the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in healthcare settings

Organizers: Manuela Perrotta (1); Alina Geampana (2); Francesco Miele (3)

1: Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom; 2: Durham University, United Kingdom; 3: University of Trieste


Panel 42: Revisiting identification and registration of humans and more-than-humans: long-term perspectives and implications

Organizers: Chiara Loschi; Annalisa Pelizza; Paul Trauttmansdorff

University of Bologna, Italy


Panel 43: Social Innovation: Forms, Evidence, and Perspectives




Panel 44: Exploring Promising Technologies in Neuroscience

Organizers: Barbara Morsello

University of Padova, Italy


Panel 45: Questioning institutional science and expertise supporting complementary, alternative, or refused knowledge

Organizers: Federico Neresini (1); Maria Carmela Agodi (2); Paolo Volontè (3)

1: University of Padova, Italy; 2: University of Napoli - Federico II; 3: Politecnico di Milano


Panel 46: Looking at borders through an infrastructural lens

Organizers: Timothy Raeymaekers; Noemi Bergesio; Anna Claudia Martini

UNIBO, Italy


Panel 47: Gender, sexuality, and digital media between challenges and reproduction of hegemony

Organizers: Cosimo Marco Scarcelli (1); Manolo Farci (2)

1: University of Padova, Italy; 2: University of Urbino, Italy


Panel 48: STS in Italy before STSItalia

Organizers: Gerardo Ienna (1,2); Alvise Mattozzi (3)

1: Università di Verona; 2: University of Maryland; 3: Politecnico di Torino


Panel 49: More than human decentered design: which competences, which methods, which tools for intersting worlds to come?

Organizers: Micol Rispoli (1,2); Gianluca Burgio (3); Alvise Mattozzi (1); Ramon Ernesto Rispoli (4)

1: Politecnico di Torino, Italy; 2: BAU, Centre Universitari d'Arts i Disseny; 3: Università degli Studi di Enna "Kore"; 4: Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II


Panel 50: Technologies of Discontinuation. Towards Transformative Innovation Policies

Organizers: Stefan Kuhlmann

University of Twente, The Netherlands


Panel 51: Agency: A Key Concept for a Political STS

Organizers: Giovanni Fava (1); Giulia Gandolfi (1,2); Pietro Daniel Omodeo (1); Francesca Putignano (1)

1: Università Ca' Foscari di Venezia, Italy; 2: Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne