PhD Information Literacy, Open Access & Copyright Workshop - english edition


The workshop provides the essential knowledge to be competent, aware and autonomous in managing information through a practical guidance on the resources, services, policies and tools made available by the Library System of the University of Bologna. The goal is to develop in PhD students the essential skills to know how to do self-guided research and to produce new knowledge by submitting and sharing research data in open access, according to the University policy.

 Learning outcomes:

At the end of the workshop PhD students will be able to:
- prove understanding of information management;
-show ability to master research skills combined with information management;
-demonstrate ability to critically analyze and evaluate the information searched, collections selected and organized thanks to the tools and specific paths learnt;
- demonstrate ability to communicate with their peers and the wider academic community within their areas of expertise: disseminating, depositing and sharing research data in open access according to university policy.
- demonstrate understanding of the different ways of communicating scientific research offered by the publishing market, by research funding bodies, by institutional services for the open access publication of the results of one's own research;
- show critical analysis skills in evaluating and selecting the most appropriate editorial offices for the open access dissemination of their research.

Workshop Syllabus:
the workshop includes three meetings; each meeting includes a different training module whose contents are:
1.    Library services, cross curricular resources and advanced tools for bibliographic research.
2.    Research performance evaluation, citational databases, bibliometric indexes, alternative metrics, author identity management, reference managment software, disciplinary field citation styles.
3.    Institutional, national and European policies for Open Science and Open Access, open access publications and research data, elements of copyright, ethical reuse of information, contracts and publication licenses for a science open, support services for Open Access and University repositories (AMSDottorato, Iris-IR and AMSActa).

Duration: 9 hours, 3 modules of 3 hours each
Delivery: online
Schedule: English edition: 7, 14, 21 february 2024 from 10.00 to 13.00
Places available: 100 
Trainers: Carla Iacono Isidoro; Elena Collina; Marco Tagliavini; Nicoletta Minto; Paola Rescigno; Rita Patregnani; Marialaura Vignocchi; Irene Frascari; Rosa Peluso, Martina Marafioti, Silvia Muzzi, Chiara Festa.