Research for all: the art to tell

This workshop on Public Speaking aims to provide basic elements to help doctoral students present their research effectively: participants will have the opportunity, through group interactions, exercises, analysis of real situations, to understand all the elements at basis of an effective public presentation. We will start from the analysis of the context (the various types of audience, the objective of the presentation, the format in which it is inserted, the spaces and the logistics), we will move on to the content of the presentation (the structure of the speech and the effectiveness presentation supports), and we will get to the performance and management of critical issues.

Learning outcomes:

Thanks to this workshop participants will be able to expand:

Their knowledge of the fundamental techniques of public speaking in different contexts.
Their own relational and emotional skills thanks to the exercises and interaction between the participants.The ability to organize and plan a presentation, taking into consideration the context and defining objectives and methods based on the format and type of audience.


- Why Public Speaking is important for a doctoral student
- Communication models
 Analysis of the context of the presentation (Type of Audience, Identification of the objectives of the presentation)
- Definition of the message
- Structure of the presentation: 1) Contents and development of the speech; 2) Public involvement; 2) Slide Design 3) Definition of additional material
- Logistics (layout and equipment) and performance (anxiety management, non-verbal communication, breathing) analysis
- Knowing how to improvise and answer unexpected questions.

English edition: 16 april 2024 from 10:00 to 13:00
Duration: 3 hours
Places availables: 30
Delivery: The course takes place in person in Bologna, aula 2, scuola di Scuola di specializzazione per le Professioni Legali "Enrico Redenti", via Beniamino Andreatta 4, Bologna
Trainer: Alain Marenghi - ArtER